Nice Review, Thanks

Received our order today of a 8″x30″ cold air return vent and 2 5″x21″ baseboard vents in red oak. Just had to send a note of thank you. Ordering online can be somewhat of a gamble, you always wonder does the picture really represent what the actual product looks like and the cost compared to local suppliers similar products? I have to say, we were blown away on the craftsmanship of the product, how well they’re built and how much more beautiful they make our living room. We’re very glad we found your product online and did not settle for the cheap look the local home improvement supplier offered in wood vent products, these are worth every penny.

Again thank you from a very satisfied customer and for the quick delivery.

Drop In or Flush Mount

Wood Floor Vents come in two basic styles, Drop in or Flush Mount. There are a few factors involved in making the right choice, the first would be personal preference. In my personal opinion, i prefer the drop in style also known as self rimming. I just like the way they look, more like a piece of fine cabinetry sitting on the floor. The other major factor would be timing.  At what stage are you at with your hardwood floors, are they about to be installed or have they been already installed? If you have existing hardwood floors then the self rimming would be your best option. If you’re installing a new floor then flush mount would a good option.


Self Rimming

Drop In Self Rimming Floor <img src=


Again, my personal favourite. The Self Rimming register can be added at any time and doesn’t  require a clean cut of your hardwood flooring. The Self Rimming design allows for more forgiveness in heat duct opening sizes. It’s always best when you’re installing your hardwood floors to keep the cut outs in the flooring to the same size as the the duct work but if it’s a little oversized the self rimming should cover it.

Cross Section Self Rimming No Damper

Cross Section Self Rimming With Damper

Self Rimming Drop in Size Chart


And If you need a larger overall size to cover an opening, we can do that. Just let us know what you need by clicking here to contact us.

Also works great for cabinet toe kick vents.


Flush Mount

Flush Mount Floor Vent
The Most Popular wood floor vent I sell. Looks great, sits completely flush with the top of your hardwood floor. A real nice clean look that is easy to clean with vacuums and your favourite hardwood floor cleaners. However it’s best to plan for this, the flush mounted vents are always going to look their best when you have them on hand while installing your hardwood floors. So plan ahead! They can be used in existing wood floors but would require some precise cutting of your floors. If you are going to install your floor before you have your vents, I would suggest making a template out of plywood the size of the overall dementions of the vents you ordered. Secure that over the heat duct openings on your sub floor and install your new hardwood floor tight to the plywood template. For a much tighter and cleaner look, make your plywood template slightly under sized. I find it a much nicer install if you’re prepared to custom adjust the frame size to fit the opening with a belt sander.

Cross Section of Flush Mount Floor Vents Without damper

Cross Section Flush Mount With Damper

Size Chart for flush mount floor vents

Hope this helps, Thanks